Bee in blossom and Crane Fly workout – 9 photos

2 thoughts on “Bee in blossom and Crane Fly workout – 9 photos”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing with my blog 🙂 I cant find any definite research online but as far as I am aware, Crane flies use their legs and small fibres/hairs on them to detect disturbances on the surfaces they are on, this “push up” motion is related to that, they send waves out and sense when they are interrupted thereby detecting and prey/predators and how far away they are. Another theory is that it is to appear larger and more erratic to scare off predators, a common device in nature.


    1. Thanks for the info!
      Insect radar? That’s extremely cool.
      I would’ve thought that all that movement would make them more visible to predators, but they know their business far better than I.
      It’s a classic submariner’s problem.
      I don’t see heaps of them where I reside in the south-east of Melbourne (Crane Flies or submarines), but as one of the largest insects around they often get my attention.
      Thank you for teaching me something interesting today.


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